Day 8 – Prague to Vienna

After a thoroughly enjoyable dinner the night previous we decided to visit the same restaurant for breakfast. We had noticed they did a pretty cheap breakfast and the place was a stones throw from our hostel. As we arrived I asked Tiff to take another photo of me with a record sleeve shaped placemat but this time wearing my sunglasses…

The sunglasses made me look like a sunflower. The breakfast was very cheap, must have been around £3 and I had the full English. When ordering I noticed the breakfast came with cucumber and mustard included, I thought this was weird so asked them to remove the items immediately. The waitress said she couldn’t and it was part of the plates shape. Now I think something must have been lost in translation here as this is what I received…

Everything was wrong with this. Look at the sausages. They were crunchy and it didn’t help that the bread looked as if it was coated with ants. Nevertheless I ate it anyway and we made tracks for the train station.

Our train was at 12:52pm and the platform was pretty full by this time. The train arrived and everyone piled on with their suitcases, not a care for anyone around them just barging and pushing past anyone to make sure they could get a good seat. Everyone always seems to panic at this point but I always think if I can’t get a seat I’m sitting on the toilet for a few hours, won’t be disturbed in there. We sat down on what looked to be pre-reserved seats and naturally were moved by a couple of Spanish girls who were having none of it. I was pretty relieved actually as there was a very unsettling figure sitting adjacent to us on the carriage. He had a rat tail and a few piercings and tattoos, not that this was an issue but certainly added to his persona. His face could be described as leathery and you could tell he’d been in a scrap or two. It was at this point I noticed a couple of leather looking holsters at his waist as he sat down, he was carrying two huge blades on his belt. They weren’t on show but could be seen when placing his luggage in the compartment above. The image was pretty thought provoking and I made the mistake of telling Tiff. She seemed pretty worried about sitting near him so we welcomed being moved from our seats. I waited for the train to start moving and I ran up and down the carriage looking for anywhere with excess leg space or at chance a table. At the far end of the train there was loads of space so we moved there and managed to claim a whole table.

The journey went pretty quickly as it always does and before we knew it we were pulling into Vienna. The hostel was a short taxi ride from the station so we jumped a cab and headed for the digs. The place isn’t as nice as the hostel in Prague but it has a nice bar and social area downstairs. When we got to our room we had to make the bedding ourselves…

By we I mean Tiff. Not really, I tackled mine with great aplomb, not that we needed sheets as it’s very hot. 

We hadn’t eaten since breakfast and were determined to find a restaurant. We found another Italian and sat out in the street at the city centre…

I had another lasagne, this time with a rating of 9/10 and probably the best I’ve had. The meal was somewhat marred though by a disturbing incident at the restaurant. A middle aged man seemed to have a fit on the table behind us, it was pretty aggressive and he was knocked unconscious by the seizure. The restaurant staff jumped to his aid very quickly and it took about 6 minutes for the police and ambulances to arrive. The man regained consciousness but seemed totally out of it as they carried him to the ambulance. The image of his eyes rolling to the back of his head was pretty harrowing and something that will stay with me for a while. 

After collecting our thoughts for a while we paid the bill and moved on for more drinks. It was then we stumbled into a political protest on the street…


I think someone had been wrongfully convicted or something but everyone felt pretty strongly about it. We followed the procession for a while then tailed off back towards the hostel. We were pretty tired from the journey and fancied a few drinks in the bar. The hostel bar has a beach theme and we were given a voucher for one free beer on arrival…

If I’d have known it was going to be served to me in a thimble I may not have bothered. Tiff then noticed a deal on Jägerbombs…

On ordering the Jägerbombs tiff was instructed to knock the shots into the glasses using a water pistol thus causing a domino effect and the shots to land in the large glasses of Red Bull below. At first Tiff didn’t understand the task so she just shot the barman.
We felt a little out of place in this bar as the average age seemed to be about 19. Everyone was wearing Hawaiian style clothing with sunglasses and swim shorts and playing drinking games. Not really my vibe so we decided to call it an early night and made for the room.


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