Day 13 – Hungry in Hungary

We awoke fairly early in the morning and went on a hunt for a great breakfast. We found a small cafe around the corner and decided to eat there. A full English was well and truly off the cards as all they seemed to sell was eggs so we had a couple of omelettes and made do. I was actually pleasantly surprised with mine, it had bacon, ham and cheese and was a delight. Shortly after we decided to go back to the hotel and once again use the spa facilities. I’m not one for swimming but I must say I loved the jacuzzi, I felt like the Wolf of Wall Street…

This was marred somewhat by the arrival of another couple into the jacuzzi. They had their arms around one and other staring longingly into each other’s eyes. It made me sick. I said to Tiff, “If this morning you’d have asked me if I’d like to have a bath with two complete strangers I’d have said no chance.” Yet here we were. We had planned to meet Gregg and Rachel for a group walking tour around the city at 2:30pm so spent the next few hours sunbathing on the rooftop. Jump forward 24 hours and Tiff looks like a lobster.

We made our way into the city centre to meet for the group walking tour. We didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves in for but the tour had been recommended by several people. We were split off into 4 smaller groups to see the sights. We were led by Ursulla. She was hilarious and a bit of a mad one, she kept telling us fake facts about the sights, it really was my cup of tea. She had that look about her and I couldn’t figure out her age, she could have been 22 or 42. I later found out she was 28. 

During the tour we made our way across the chain bridge from Pest to Buda stopping at several statues and monuments along the way. We had actually seen most of these the day previous and didn’t feel the need to take any more photos. However we hadn’t seen the castle and after walking up 168 stairs we were at the summit where we had a great view…

It was the kind of view where it looked great from where we were but doesn’t translate well through a photo…

Nevertheless Tiff took this of the view from the castle at Buda. The castle was structurally amazing and looked as if it had never been touched, weathered or suffered from any form of natural erosion…

Gregg said it reminded him of where Shrek got married in the popular children’s animation ‘Shrek’.

The tour concluded here after around 4 hours and I was starving. Tiff had managed to sneak off for a brief moment to grab a slice of Pizza for us both but with us both having eaten so early we were left very Hungry in Hungary. Shortly after the tour we decided to go for a few drinks around the castle before tackling the 3.5km journey back to our hotel.

Tiff had wanted a pad thai the whole time we were here and noticed a restaurant whilst on the tour so we decided to go back there for some dinner. Tiff had pad thai noodles and I ordered teriyaki noodles with no nonsense. They made a crippling error and unfortunately it came with added nonsense. Being typically English I didn’t dare complain and just picked at it very disgruntled. Tiff felt sorry for me as I was hungry as a hound so she bought me a burrito from the Mexican next door. I was made up and thoroughly enjoyed the walk home. 

As soon as we got in I started feeling terribly ill and could only assume Tiffs previous cold had been passed on to myself. I used the classic damming of a runny nose technique and fell asleep before the watershed…


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