Day 14 – European Finale

It was a great start to the day as we had decided on the hotel restaurant for breakfast. What a decision it turned out to be as we were presented with a breakfast buffet…

It was everything I could have hoped for as I gorged on bacon, eggs, sausage, beans and hash browns, what a delight. Tiff on the other hand had this…

I’d rather punch that to bits than eat it but each to their own. After potentially the best breakfast of the trip we headed out to Heroes Square and on the way saw this great piece of genius…

A 14 seater pedalling beer bus. What a great idea this is and something I had never witnessed. You can imagine the kind of thing that goes on here: beers, birds, bants, football and Rooney. Tiff said we should come back with 12 friends and have a go but I reminded her that we only have 5 so we’d have to get the 7 seater.

We finally arrived at Heroes Square and gazed at the grand stature…

I don’t know who those people are. 

We then grabbed a burger and took a selfie in front of some water going up…

I don’t know if you’d noticed but I’ve got a right bozz eye in this. We then fancied a go on a pedalo where I pretended to be a delivery driver on the open road…

It was beautifully picturesque… apparently…

It was our last night of the whole trip so I decided to make it really special…

for myself as it was the first ever Premier League Friday Night Football presented by Rachel Riley and I’d be damned if I’m missing that. I had a schnitzel. It was lovely but I’m not sure Tiff really enjoyed herself as she just sat there on Pokemon Go.

After the game we headed back as we needed to be up for 3am to get a taxi to the airport for our flight back to Manchester. We got about 4 hours sleep, it was dreadful but necessary.

After a thoroughly enjoyable experience I would like to leave you with a fitting quote:

I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.

Jack Kerouac – On the Road

This will be my final post in the critically acclaimed travel series ‘Doms Diary’.

Due to the roaring success of the series I am pleased to announce a weekly spin-off series entitled ‘Dom Discusses’. 

Watch this space for more updates…


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